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Two years ago the peace finally has come to Fell's Church for everyone. Elena had saved Stefan and decided to remain with him. The two are still looking for a way to turn Stefan into a human. Meanwhile Damon is struggling with his darker side still. Hating to loose Elena to Stefan and fueled by hate being a human, Damon had left the town and disappeared wandering around. Meanwhile in town of Blansko, intrigues are being created. A new Venediger came to own G&T club. While he is pretending to be a good fella, he is secretly gathering allies and creating a clan of Dark Reapers, necromancers and some rouge vampires. They call themselves Ominous Requiem. While they are creating evil plans to steal the Tools of Bael from Drake Vireo, they attempted to distract everyone from themselves, remaining underground. Strange things began to happen - Bonnie turned twisted, Elena disappeared. Many vampires began to disappear. Being a constant walking trouble, Damon automatically became a suspects of all these unholy mischiefs. Meanwhile he has been forced to run and hide and thus he stumbled upon town of Blansko where Moravian Council had finally tracked and caught him. Being unable to prove them wrong, Damon managed to somehow escape.

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 How to Play Demon

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Kiara Christensen
Kiara Christensen

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PostSubject: How to Play Demon   Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:20 am

Minion of demon lord. Can be summoned and made to obey anyone until released, although can’t betray demon lord. Demons cannot be summoned by Dark Ones and Dragons (the former has ties to Abaddon, and the latter is not technically a part of the Otherworld). The demons in Katie's world are often related to earth and it gives them physical strength so if in battle, a demon will always tries to drag it's opponent to the lower level, possibly underground. The lower they are - the stronger they are. Demons mostly are one of most powerful creatures in here so they should be regarded.

Those who are older and more powerful demons, they can take easily a form of a human or whichever they desire but if demon is lesser it is not so powerful and cannot take form of a mortal human. Although I should mention that however demon would be powerful if he is summoned into the circle, he must obey to the summoner. Plus, regardless the level of power, demons fears only one kind of mortals - The Guardians. Those are people who are born and destined to deal with demon lore - can summon, control and even destroy them. Although, since demon is an energy entity, other than it's mortal body, cannot be entirely destroyed. But if his mortal form is greatly damaged, the demon is forced to retreat back to Abaddon.

(will be added more information later)
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How to Play Demon
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