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Two years ago the peace finally has come to Fell's Church for everyone. Elena had saved Stefan and decided to remain with him. The two are still looking for a way to turn Stefan into a human. Meanwhile Damon is struggling with his darker side still. Hating to loose Elena to Stefan and fueled by hate being a human, Damon had left the town and disappeared wandering around. Meanwhile in town of Blansko, intrigues are being created. A new Venediger came to own G&T club. While he is pretending to be a good fella, he is secretly gathering allies and creating a clan of Dark Reapers, necromancers and some rouge vampires. They call themselves Ominous Requiem. While they are creating evil plans to steal the Tools of Bael from Drake Vireo, they attempted to distract everyone from themselves, remaining underground. Strange things began to happen - Bonnie turned twisted, Elena disappeared. Many vampires began to disappear. Being a constant walking trouble, Damon automatically became a suspects of all these unholy mischiefs. Meanwhile he has been forced to run and hide and thus he stumbled upon town of Blansko where Moravian Council had finally tracked and caught him. Being unable to prove them wrong, Damon managed to somehow escape.

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 The Series

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PostSubject: The Series   Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:49 pm

A Girl's Guide To Vampires

The book opens on a seance where Joy Randall and Roxanne, two librarians, are communicating with the Goddess, requesting their true loves. The Goddess promises them travel and men in their future. Good, as they are about to leave the country for the Frankfort Book Festival with a side trip into Blansko, Czech Republic, the hometown of their favorite author, C.J. Dante, whose the Moravian Dark Ones are a vampire romance series. Once in Blansko, Joy and Roxanne find a huge Halloween carnival is taking place during their stay. In the hotel bar, they meet Dominic-the co-owner of the carnival/vampire impersonator, Christopher: secretly the author C.J. Dante / true vampire, and Raphael: security for the carnival. Joy begins to receive mental transmissions from Christopher the vampire, declaring that she is his true love, but she resists the experience. The majority of the male characters are lusting after Joy, and lots of crowded attempts at foreplay ensue. Joy picks Raphael as her main squeeze. She seduces Raphael multiple times while trying to figure out who is the real vampire that has invaded her brain. Dominic’s interest in Joy has raised his girlfriend Tanya’s heckles. She fights with Joy at every turn, cursing her, swearing she will die. Joy, a rune stone reader extraordinaire, sees in the stones that if Tanya doesn’t change her ways, her magic will turn on her. The carnival has been leaving a trail of murdered women in every town; at this stop Tanya winds up dead. SPOILER: Raphael reveals he is an undercover renegade cop, about ready to nab the murdering duo: Dominic and Milos (other carnival co-owner). A supposedly quickie in the cave leads to their discovery by Dominic and Milos, who take them hostage. Joy mentally calls Christopher to help, he comes and in a bloody fight devours both the bad guys, then in jealousy fights Raphael. Joy promises to find Christopher his true love if he will heal the dying Raphael. Seeing that Joy is so enraptured with Raphael, Christopher concedes that Joy must not be the one, and heals Raphael. They live happily ever after in England. Later on in paranormal romance novel it is revealed that the two marries and goes to Scotland for a honey moon where they at the castle finds out that Raphael is a therianthrope and his curse has been triggered when touched the lodestone. It's also revealed that they has a 4 years old daughter who is a true walking trouble.

Sex And The Single Vampire

Allegra Telford is an almost out-of-work Summoner, a woman who calls up ghosts on command. Esoteric knowledge, special instruments and British 'hot spots' aren't cutting it for her, though, and Allie's just about to admit defeat when she has a most remarkable dream. Thought if she doesn't find a ghost soon, her short career will be a thing of the past. Life rockets out of control when Allegra flies to the most haunted city - London to try and call up the ghosts to save her career. But instead in a basement of a strange abandoned building she confronts a naked and wounded male who appeared to be completely weak and gorgeous. Allie thought he was a tortured spirit but it turned out that he is an obnoxious, dictatorial male. He's a Moravian Dark One, a gorgeous vampire who is risking his own life to try to save his friend Sebastian from the grasp of the Psychics organisation that made a deal with a demon lord Asmodeus. Allie wants answers from Christian, but he is more interested in working out the exact nature of their relationship, since fate has chosen Allie as his "Beloved." As the story unfolds further, Christian is being captured by the Psychics because they do want to get Allegra because of her amazing summoning abilities and because the soul of a Beloved is a treasure for a demon. She arrives to the office and has the unworthy battle. When she is about to fail the battle, Christian sends her his own energy boosting hers and the battle is over. But it's not the end yet. The two lovers yet gets trapped in the basement when Asmodeus summons his armies. Being smart, the two sumons Asmodeus, takes away his magic ring and sends him back to Abbadon forever. Later on in another book of the series it is revealed that the two marries and has a son, who is too, a walking trouble.

Sex, Lies And Vampires

Nell was born a charmer, able to undo/cast wards and curses, but she hasn't used her power in ten years, after a terrible accident caused by her attempt to undo a curse left her weakened in her left side and killed her best friend. Having successfully forgotten her past, Nell is in for a surprise when she is hired by Melissande, a Moravian (Vampire), to translate an inscription on a breast plate, however it turns out that Melissande's real interest is in Nell's ability as a Charmer. Melissande's nephew Damien has been kidnapped by Adrian, the Betrayer and also a Moravian dark one (vampire without a soul), and turned over to the demon Asmodeus. SPOILER: While looking for information in the library of Melissande's cousin, Nell is kidnapped by Adrian. As a Moravian dark one, only Adrian's beloved can save him and give him back his soul; it turns out that Nell is his beloved. Nell joins with Adrian, and learns that he is not as evil as she was told; he only betrayed his people because he is cursed by Asmodeus and must do the demon's bidding, and as long as he is cursed he cannot regain his soul. Nell also learns that it was not Adrian who turned Damien over to the demon that commands him, it was his twin brother. Nell saves Damien, only to discover Damien is Adrian's son and not the son of Adrian's brother as she had originally assumed. She also removes the curse from Adrian and frees him from the demon's hold at which point she can redeem his soul.

Even Vampires Get The Blues

Paen Scott, a Scottish Lord is a Dark One, a vampire without a soul. His brothers are vampires too but they have their souls.Paen was the first born son and his parents were not Joined when he was born, hence his lack of a soul. While Paen's parents were on vacation and completely out-of-touch, a demon contacted him and demanded repayment of an old debt of Paen's fathers'. Paen must hand over an ancient relic called the Jilin God in five days or his mother would lose her soul to the demon. Unfortunately neither Paen nor his brothers had ever heard of this relic. After considerable research, they still had no clue what the Jilin God was or even whereit was. That's when Paen's brother decided that it just might be time to hire a professional. So Paen hires Samantha Cosse, a very new private investigator. Samantha was good at finding lost things by sensing where they had been either in a house or in a general area. Unfortunately, Samantha was unable to find even a hint of what or where the Jilin God was located. There wasn't even the slightly hint or clue where it had ever been. From the beginning Samantha and Paen were attracted to each other and after awhile, Samantha began to believe that she might be Paen's Beloved, the one to give him back his lost soul. Unfortunately Paen is resistant to the idea. However, the two Joins and regardless the rocky road, paen admits he loves her. And as the story unfolds Sam is turned into a vampire in order to save her life but with the help of some god, her soul has been saved and Samatha been saved from disappearance. Everything ends up well and sumed up with the engagement of Paen and Sam.
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The Series
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