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Two years ago the peace finally has come to Fell's Church for everyone. Elena had saved Stefan and decided to remain with him. The two are still looking for a way to turn Stefan into a human. Meanwhile Damon is struggling with his darker side still. Hating to loose Elena to Stefan and fueled by hate being a human, Damon had left the town and disappeared wandering around. Meanwhile in town of Blansko, intrigues are being created. A new Venediger came to own G&T club. While he is pretending to be a good fella, he is secretly gathering allies and creating a clan of Dark Reapers, necromancers and some rouge vampires. They call themselves Ominous Requiem. While they are creating evil plans to steal the Tools of Bael from Drake Vireo, they attempted to distract everyone from themselves, remaining underground. Strange things began to happen - Bonnie turned twisted, Elena disappeared. Many vampires began to disappear. Being a constant walking trouble, Damon automatically became a suspects of all these unholy mischiefs. Meanwhile he has been forced to run and hide and thus he stumbled upon town of Blansko where Moravian Council had finally tracked and caught him. Being unable to prove them wrong, Damon managed to somehow escape.

Yes! Yes yes yes!!! Our community is slowly growing. Allow me to have honor to tell we got new member, who also became our co-admin, so everyone meet Bonnie :) Also I have added some new organizations. Please take a look becouse in the future we might use it :)Keep going, fellas!
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 Organizations and Groups

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PostSubject: Organizations and Groups   Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:36 pm

L’au -delà (Otherworld)

The name for the paranormal world, also the name of the society of registered members of paranormal beings. It consists from many different supernatural groups, organizations snd societies. I will list them later as the author will add it to her website.


( Association Of Research Mediums And Psychics Investigation Trust), an organization begun by Guarda White and Eduardo Tassalerro that proposes to "further knowledge of spirits and spectral activity in Britain today" by bringing together powerful psychics. Generally this organization is not good guys. The once summoned Asmodeus to aid them and can do so once again in order to gain power. ARMPIT is hunting powerful psychics that could work for them and their twisted purposes. They also summons spirits and those in time disappears without being Released. ARMPIT taps into dark forces, three people that creates a triumvirate are powerful psychics themselves and when aided by Asmodeus, they are almost invinceable. Dark Ones should beware of them thought because ARMPIT hunts them to hand them over to Asmodeus or other demon lord that they wish to summon.

Guarda White: President of ARMPIT. She is a powerful psychic and Summoner

Eduardo Tassalerro: Italian man who is head of Milan Psychics, Limited and co-founder with Guarda White of ARMPIT.

Phillippa Hewitt:
British hermit based in London. Not an actual hide-away-in-a dank-cave hermit, but one who spends most of her time mentally cloistered and who offers her knowledge to those in need. Currently part of ARMPIT and triumvirate with Guarda White and Eduarda Tassalerro.

Brotherhood of the Blessed Light

An organization that worships the moonlight and is dedicated finding salvation for all beings. It's members are called reapers. It follows a complex division of power that begins with the Zenith, followed closely by the director of the board of governors, then the board of governors itself, and then Zorya and the Sacristan.
Originally, the main focus of the Brotherhood was to lead ghosts and spirits to their final resting place. After an accident involving one of their Zoryas and a Moravian Dark One's Beloved, their main focus shifted into "cleansing" the darkness out of the "tainted" Dark Ones.

Once they began to 'cleanse' the Dark Ones, the latter began to hunt the reapers. Moravian Council inprisons the members of Brotherhood separated. Thought after last accident a few years ago, when previous Zenith Denise was shot by one of the members and innocent people began to die, one of current leaders was reasoned into make reforms since first of all Brotherhood had almost was destroyed.

After a new Zenith has been chosen, a trusted messenger has been sent that called a meeting between members of Brotherhood and Moravian Council. It has been decided the reapers are needed because withought a Zorya, spirits cannot reach the Heaven and Brotherhhod came to a decision that under a watchful eye of Moravian Council and with assisstence of Triple Moon , Brotherhood has to make reforms ever so needed.The organization changed it's name from Brotherhood of the Blessed Light into Keepers of the Radiance, abandoned repulsive purpose to hunt and destroy the Dark Ones and instead decided to find a way how to safely lead spirits to their final destination of rest.

Leader: Pia Thomason


Moravian Council

Although the Moravian Society has been around for over four hundred years, it has been more of protective organization than a governing body. Founded in the sixteenth century as a response to the growing attacks on Dark Ones by members of the Brotherhood of the Blessed Light (aka reapers), the Moravian Society has made its focus the safety and well-being of Dark Ones everywhere.

The governing council leads the society in their continued battle against the Brotherhood, taking both defensive and offensive methods to ensure that Dark Ones can live without fear of annihilation. The council is based in Vienna, Austria, and is lead by the chairman, C.J. Dante.In addition, several operatives work under the council’s auspices to identify and incarcerate reapers found guilty of crimes against Dark Ones. Their identities are kept private for security reasons.Though as recently things has been changing into a good side, the Moravian Council gave a chance to prove Brotherhood themselves under their watchful eyes and help of newfound allie - a wiccan coven named Order of Dark Moon.

In addition to safeguarding its members, the Moravian Society also liases between other governing bodies of the Otherworld by means of diplomatic ambassadors. Currently, Moravian Society ambassadors are placed with the Akashic League, L’au-dela, and Court of Divine Blood. Due to an increasing number of Dark One creation by means of princes, negotiations with Abaddon for a diplomatic position are underway.

[center]Guardian's Guild

The organization that governs the activities of Guardians and makes sure they’re following rules/regulations. Carribean Battiste is its president.


Goth-themed fair travelling across Eastern and Western Europe. Set up in a U shape with the big tent set up at the bottom of the U, and two long wings containing the individual tents. The talent (rune reader, demonologist, piercing booth, aura photography, etc.) is set up along one side, and vendor tents along the other. Performers/Talent split their takes with the owners. In return they have their travel expenses paid and are guaranteed a minimum amount each month. Originally owned by Milos and Dominic in A Girl’s Guide to Vampires. Now owned by Peter and Absinthe Sauber.


Annual gathering of registered members of the L’au-delà. The conference includes networking opportunities and award ceremonies, guest speakers and educational workshops. Registered members include Guardians, Oracles, Diviners, Theurgists and Mages.

Akashic League

League the controls and monitors the Akashic Plains. Has a library you can use for research and also has extensive records of Otherworld citizens.

[center]Psychical Mysteries Society

An organization that seeks to solve age old mysteries of life after death, hauntings, demonic-possessions, clairvoyance and poltergeists. Has the unfortunate acronym PMS.

The Watch

The Otherworld Police system. Very threatening and feared by most members of the Otherworld.


A gathering of dragons, specifically the wyverns of each sept.


Coming up soon...

Association Of Research Mediums And Psychics Investigation Trust
Brotherhood of the Blessed Light
Circus Of The Darned
Eye Scry
Magister’s Guild
Moravian Council
Order Of Diviners
Sgt. Patty’s Lonely Heart’s Club Tour
Society For The Investigation Of The Paranormal Society For The Protection Of Revenants
United Psychical Research Association
Womyn’s Magyck Festival Counci
Ominous Reqiem
Coven of the Dark Moon
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Organizations and Groups
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