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Two years ago the peace finally has come to Fell's Church for everyone. Elena had saved Stefan and decided to remain with him. The two are still looking for a way to turn Stefan into a human. Meanwhile Damon is struggling with his darker side still. Hating to loose Elena to Stefan and fueled by hate being a human, Damon had left the town and disappeared wandering around. Meanwhile in town of Blansko, intrigues are being created. A new Venediger came to own G&T club. While he is pretending to be a good fella, he is secretly gathering allies and creating a clan of Dark Reapers, necromancers and some rouge vampires. They call themselves Ominous Requiem. While they are creating evil plans to steal the Tools of Bael from Drake Vireo, they attempted to distract everyone from themselves, remaining underground. Strange things began to happen - Bonnie turned twisted, Elena disappeared. Many vampires began to disappear. Being a constant walking trouble, Damon automatically became a suspects of all these unholy mischiefs. Meanwhile he has been forced to run and hide and thus he stumbled upon town of Blansko where Moravian Council had finally tracked and caught him. Being unable to prove them wrong, Damon managed to somehow escape.

Yes! Yes yes yes!!! Our community is slowly growing. Allow me to have honor to tell we got new member, who also became our co-admin, so everyone meet Bonnie :) Also I have added some new organizations. Please take a look becouse in the future we might use it :)Keep going, fellas!
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 Cecilia the young one

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PostSubject: Cecilia the young one   Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:27 pm

Cecilia Cibrian

Always a bigger bed to crawl into. Wasn't it beautiful when you had every one to hug?

Face Claim:Unknown
The Searies: Dark Ones ( Due to mother )

Full name: Cecilia Cibrian
Nickname: None
Age: 4
Hometown: Seattle WA

Eyes: Sky blue
left]Hair: Raven curls
Body: That of a four year old girl
Distinguishing marks: none

Quirks/habits: becomes sleepy after hot milk
Darkest secret: none
Fears: Daddy being replaced, heights, spiders
Strengths: Smarter then she looks
[Weaknesses: child
Goals/dreams: For mummy and daddy to come home again

escape artist
Powers/Gifts: none
Inabilities: reach high places.
Parents: Leah Cibrian and Brandon Cibrian
Siblings: none
Other important persons:
her teddy, Kiara

Like all young children, the world sparkled in colours and she laughed and smiled back. There was rarely a time when she was not smiling. But then she had no worries or fears to creep in and blight her view of the world. There was times when she was somewhat clingy. Normally when she came in contact with new people for the first time. That didn’t last for more then a reassuring hand. Then she was back to smiling, laughing and dancing. But time is unrelenting and sometimes unkind. Her sparkling world shattered in to sharp reflective shards. The laughter so often heard fading away till a distant memories. The smile followed the laughter. In there stead came stubbornness, anger. Closeness sealed the deal, while manners fled from conferment. She isn’t what people would remember herself as.

Born to a loving mother and a equally loving father. But in that she had every thing she needed the first two and a half years of her live were a bliss akin to a fairytale in joy. She was close to her father. And recalls the fairy tales he some timed read to her while she went of to the land of dreams. What came shattered her world.
The build up before the fight, confused her. The arms of her father went the same only her mothers ways. He seemed all ways busy to read to her, play. Then the night came when she watched from the top of the stairs. The scene that greeted her was her mother and father fighting loud and angry words along with shoving. Followed by the roar of the door slamming shut. The words sinking in long after the sounds of her mother tears. Silghting tears stained her cheeks as her mother sought to comfort her. She's angry, confused and wants her father back leading her to fall from angel to a reckless. Fighting over simple things to more important things. Hoping for them to retain to an even keel, a dream that seems to fade.

RP Sample:
It was a dark, cold, eerie night, charcoal clouds slowly move through the jet black night. The once milky full moon and brightly shinning stars which once filled the night skies were no longer seen. The moon once shown down on a peaceful, cheerful lush full forest and grass lands below. The once full of life forest was now as dead as a ghost town, nothing could be heard within this forest; it was as if the life was just sucked from the land. But there was some life within these lands, well that’s if they were living. On the outskirts of the large forest was a meadow. Within this large grassy meadow lied a woman or that’s what her figure seemed to make her out as. All around her for as far as a human eye could see in the night was grassy lands .

But sooner or later this what seemed to be a grass meadow island soon meet up my of course more forest, and after a several minute walk one would finally run into a small town in which was were her mark was. She just stood there looking up at the jet black sky in deep thought, this would be her resting place for the next morning but for now she has other duties. The woman just stood there for a moment in thought. Even thought she was a woman she was much more then that a hunter. But this hunter trained just to take out mystical creatures that the world doesn’t believe exists. But maybe its better for the world to know these creatures aren’t real. Standing within the forest stood a 5’5 feet tall woman looking to be in her early 20‘s but she was really older then that.

As she shook her head snapping out of her deep thought she slowly pushed her body to get moving once more. As she pushed her way through the knee high thick grassy lands a gently breeze rushed by her, causing her waist long jet black hair to flow freely around her. Her slender but very muscular body started to become outlined by the gentle light of the moon, as she made her way out of the shadows. Ice blue eyes shone gently in the middle moonlight as the moon forced its way through the clouds. As the moon started to creep its way out from behind the clouds slowly the field started to light up more. As she started to head for a near the near by forest which would soon meet up with the town, which she was sure a vampire lived;

but not just any vampire the one who rules the lands using the king and queen as his own puppets. To the king and queen he was there right hand man, but to him he was just a simple little puppet something which could be discarded without a seconds thought. As she continued to move through the field another rush of wind moved past her ruffling her hair and clothing. Wearing a hooded cloak, which allowed her form to be hidden within the shadows of the cloak, not only was her body hidden but several weapons which she had on her were as well. The weapons ranged from a few daggers, to some throwing stairs. The last thing she had on with her was a sack strapped to her back which held arrows tipped in holy water, or had a capsule filled with liquid light on it which would burst on contact.

A normal speed she reached when using the bow easily reached 100 mph, but that was on a good day. As her eyes slowly scan the surround area she slowly pulled the hood on her cloak off her head allowing her blond hair to flow freely behind her, allowing her once hidden flesh to become revealed. But everything else was still hidden within the shadows of her cloak. One of her major pieces hidden under the shadows was her outfit which was a one piece outfit was also hidden beneath it. The cloak easily outlined the leather outfit as it pressed against her body every now and again. The outfit was one piece leather strap that was only a few inches thick. The straps on her outfit travelled from around her neck down to her neck then slowly down her body.

Once reaching her chest the straps got bigger covering everything but a few inches on each side. The straps made an x just under her d sized chest to somewhat cup them and hold them up. As they travelled under her chest then around her back doing the same x there. Then made there way to around her waist line crossing once again. But this time the two leather pieces came into one forming into leather skin tight pants. Wearing what she did showed off her well formed, tanned, curved amazing body. Several minutes passed until she finally reached the thick darkened forest, it didn’t take long for her to step into the middle of the eerie place. Saying nothing she continues to make her way through the harsh brush her steps were silent and quick .

She was calm at all times, doing the type of job she did you always had to stay calm. After about half an hour to an hour of walking she slowly appeared out of the forest tree line on the south side of the thick forest finally reaching the town. Now standing on top of a large hill over looking a small town she scanned the area. Not totally sure if she should place an attack on the creature tonight or if she should wait and try and study the vampiric threat. Shaking her head she groaned as she muttered under her breath making her choice.” Best to get this done as soon as I can” She thought to herself as she slowly made her way into the town scanning everything in side not leaving anything unseen.

C-Box name: Cecilia
Your contacts: not_your_bed_bug@yahoo.co.uk
Did you read the rules? yes
Prove it: Imoortal Infusion. But I wanted just to put hugs and kiss there.

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Cecilia the young one
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