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Two years ago the peace finally has come to Fell's Church for everyone. Elena had saved Stefan and decided to remain with him. The two are still looking for a way to turn Stefan into a human. Meanwhile Damon is struggling with his darker side still. Hating to loose Elena to Stefan and fueled by hate being a human, Damon had left the town and disappeared wandering around. Meanwhile in town of Blansko, intrigues are being created. A new Venediger came to own G&T club. While he is pretending to be a good fella, he is secretly gathering allies and creating a clan of Dark Reapers, necromancers and some rouge vampires. They call themselves Ominous Requiem. While they are creating evil plans to steal the Tools of Bael from Drake Vireo, they attempted to distract everyone from themselves, remaining underground. Strange things began to happen - Bonnie turned twisted, Elena disappeared. Many vampires began to disappear. Being a constant walking trouble, Damon automatically became a suspects of all these unholy mischiefs. Meanwhile he has been forced to run and hide and thus he stumbled upon town of Blansko where Moravian Council had finally tracked and caught him. Being unable to prove them wrong, Damon managed to somehow escape.

Yes! Yes yes yes!!! Our community is slowly growing. Allow me to have honor to tell we got new member, who also became our co-admin, so everyone meet Bonnie :) Also I have added some new organizations. Please take a look becouse in the future we might use it :)Keep going, fellas!
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 Kiara Christensen

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Kiara Christensen
Kiara Christensen

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PostSubject: Kiara Christensen   Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:06 pm

Kiara Melisande Christensen

I remember the times when I was a child
And the world was full of grace
The wind would whisper of miracles
And a secret magic place
But the sun went down and the first night fell
Like a shadow upon my life
And though all the colours slowly turned to grey

Face Claim:Victoria Justice
The Searies:Dark Ones

Full name: Kiara Melisande Christensen
Nickname: Mel, Saddie, Kia, Kira
Age: 24
Hometown: London, England
Status: Single
Organization/group: Order of Dark Moon
Rank: Neophyte

Eyes:Brown to black, open and expressive
left]Hair: Chocolate brown, almost black - depends on the lighting, the curls a lil on the ends.Especialy when gets wet a litlle
Body: Petite yet curvy, almost perfectly built. Yet has to put effort to keep it that way.
Distinguishing marks: Elegant raising phoenix tattoo on the back, right on the middle.

* runs away tactically if feels sad or bad in any way
* sings alone to herself
* hides her talents often
* plays with locks of her hair if nervous
* also nibbles corner of her lips if nervous
* tends to keep er fingers busy often like playing with small items or something like that
* many more
* Passion for chocolate and gummies

Darkest secret:
* Being a member of wiccan coven
* Her magic abilities
* Her knowledge about Otherworld
* Her disease
* Her past feelings for Leah's husband (dead now)
* Her own dead fiance

* To be heartbroken again (history explains it)
* To become blind for a lifetime (it's in my plans for her)
* To be left behind and alone
* To get close to someone and loose him/her
* Lightnings
* To pass out and not be noticed
* To be raped

* Beautiful voice
* Quick reaction
* Wisdom of a sage
* Inner strength
* Magic
* Self control (is a must to her)
* Her other self

* No tolerance for violence
* Secretiveness
* Weak physically
* Anger lasts for a long time
* Can become into a natures devastating disaster
* Undiagnosed disease that resembles catalepsy
* Hates physical pain

* Learn to control her powers
* Find love again - secretly dreams about a Dark One
* To overcome her fears
* Become stronger emotionally
* Many others

* Good swimmer
* Good in the kitchen
* Good at riding and with photocamera
* Decent dancer

* telekinesis
* spellcasting
* creating and breaking wards
* breaking curses
* divination
* Empathy
* Psychometry
* other things she still has to discover and learn

* coming up soon

Parents: coming up soon
Siblings: none
Lover: Not at the moment
Children none yet
Other important persons Best friend Leah Cibrian

kiara is not-your-ordinary girl. She's brave,in life there are but very few forces that pushes her forward and helps to struggle against any odds and survive: it's courage, incredible inner strength, her dreams and all that she believes is worth living for. She will always do her best even crossing the limits of her own abilities to reach her purpose and especially to prove that she's worth for something. She will never back up from the task given no matter how hard it would be. You would never find any person that would be more stubborn, trusty and honest than she is. Full of enthusiasm, optimism and faith, full of surprises and talents she is simply incredible, fun loving, fun to be around person that often attracts people with her charisma and always keeps them like the sun holding the surrounding planets with it's strong gravitation. She's enigmatic, mysterious, adrenaline addicted person.You'd never feel bored around her.You would even grow addicted to her.
Though Kiara is very cautious when it comes to serious things and smart enough to combine work, studies and pleasure at same time, and feel well even without too much sleep.Around those that she knows she might have rather long tongue but all that she speaks are words of a skilful and creative storyteller, due to the way of her choice for the words, her convincing voice tone and expressive eyes, she can convince anyone. She is a good friend, always faithful and helpful, Kiara will do anything to help others but will never forget herself either. But when it comes to something of her greatest interest - she will overstep her own limits of physical abilities and will not stop untill the task will be done. Kiara also is a reckless seeker for adventure and is adrenaline-addicted person. If she will be bored and will have free time - she will surely do something dangerous to refresh her thoughts and body and will convince a friend to do it with her too. But if someone will raise her anger, you will no longer hear speaking. You will wish for her to scream because all you will hear will be deadly silence and the view of her deadly look in her eyes resembling Basilisk.


Kiara had been born under the Blue Moon,to a rather young family that belonged to Brotherhood of Blessed light as Zorya and Sacristan. When she has been born, everyone became very happy, thinking a new generation of a Zorya will grow up. Kiara has been wrapped up in utmost care and love so she seemed to never miss anything. Especially when they found out that the girl got a disease that came through genes from ancestress. Regardless it, the girl grew happily until she turned four. Then she experienced her first true loss when her father disappeared without a sign and was declared as dead. No one ever knew the truth that he walked away to prevent the family from danger he might cause, as a Dark One. So Kiara had been growing with just her mother who seemed to loose hopes of Kiara becoming a Zorya when the girl very early found her true path - the Wiccan path of magic and supernatural. She actually learned having special powers early too and was keeping it a secret from her mother.

When Kiara was ten years old, one day when she returned from school, she found her mother being lifeless on the ground. Outside at the threshold. Without loosing any cold nerves she called for grandma. The latter without even attending to trials hid the girl. But later she has been taken to Caen, France, by her mother's sister Rosalie who seemed to love her as her own. For a little while the life became a bit more quite for Kiara until she has been found by a demon and kidnapped when she turned fifteen. Only a wiccan seer could find and save her. After that Kiara had magic protector. Then when she was growing, in school Kiara saw a handsome guy and fell for him to only later find out that her friend loves him too. Until the wedding day she hid her feelings and disappeared. Soon in university Kiara met her own true love. A black dragon who captured her heart. The two had amazingly strong love so engaged and were about to marry. But her joy faded and her wedding turned to funeral when fiancée was killed just when she was about to say 'Yes.' After that Kiara took a couple of years to recover and kept herself as busy as she can to suspend the thoughts about her dead fiancée.

RP Sample:

Joyce at this day unlike always was somewhat different. As if it would be not enough to worry about Bastian, something was terribly wrong. She had a bad feeling and this feeling caused the urge to stand closer to Bastian, and not only because he was sinfully handsome and she secretly liked him, not caring if a demon lord has such rights or not, but....she wasn't going to show her likes at all. When Dax spoke of him only wanting to help, she let out an exasperated sigh looking down feeling torn apart still disliking the arrogance within Dax.

I'm sorry, Dax. You may be a monk, you may want to help us but you have something I do not like. Forgive me if my honesty sounds like rudeness or insult but arrogance in people does not appeal to me. And I do greatly disapprove gambling because of very big serious reasons - that way people loses so much more than their family, friends or home. They looses themselves....

She looked around some if no one still hears or sees them. The feeling of worry eating her inside to outside but she never shows it. The only one sign would be her attempting to stand closer to Bastian who seemed to escape her by circling Dax. She frowned slightly. Bastian was not very polite either but on the other hand...he was a demon after all. Be he powerless but he still has his true self. Annoyence.

She was about to speak something and order Bastian to behave himself but her attention was distracted as a stranger passed by entering the tavern. Joyce immediately felt the want to leave the tavern. Feeling the eyes upon herself she felt very uncomfortably. And why in the world strange and weird people waltzes into her life turning 360 degrees around and shaking it.

Think we could find a better place for this discussion? I'm already full of these taverns and bars. Next time I'll have to choose a place for the meeting. And why in the world Noelle did not come...?

C-Box name: Maya
Your contacts: noir_cornflower (yahoo), belle_strega (skype)
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Kiara Christensen
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